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Head Space — Category: Class of 2019


Life Is In The Details

I look forward to countless things, but one of the things I look forward to the most is school. It sounds weird, but I love going to school. I love seeing all of my friends and all of my teachers. I wait for tomorrow because everyday is a new day. I’m looking forward to my […]

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Finding My Way Forward

To me life isn’t about just going to school, coming home, and going back to sleep. It’s about living, it’s about finding the feeling of it, and finding the purpose of it. When I was younger, before starting what is now Core, I didn’t think I’d go to college. I didn’t think I would even […]

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Every living person in the world has a challenge to face. We as human beings don’t have a choice to avoid those obstacles. Even though we have these challenges in life, at the end we just face the challenge without even knowing. When I was 6 ½ years old, my dad made me try the […]

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I Need To Do This For Myself

Stepping over broken bottles and empty swisher wrappers on my way to school, occasionally seeing a condom wrapper or a needle on the sidewalk. Trash filled the streets, along with humans that could be called the same. As I walked passed the cars on the crosswalk the drivers looked at me with a sense of […]

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