“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.”

- Robert McKee

CORE Scholars Organize Gratitude Service Project at UMC


It was a day of service and smiles as 16 Scholars served 600 cups of iced coffee and tea to the nurses, medical staff and essential workers at UMC. To show their gratitude the scholars held handmade signs with heartfelt messages of appreciation including “thank you for all that you do, and “not all angels have wings, some wear scrubs.” The mask-clad scholars cheered as medical personnel approached the outdoor patio where the team had set up the beverage giveaway with social distancing and safety procedures designed by the hospital.

 “It was such a great opportunity for our scholars to get out and show gratitude for the amazing work the medical professionals at UMC are doing during this pandemic,” said Joseph Kennedy, CORE Communications Manager.

 A key component of CORE’s non-profit program has long been community service. Due to Covid-19, the program has pivoted its community service format to find new opportunities for engagement and ensure that the scholars can continue to be involved at a time when our community needs it the most.  Thanks to The Tomchin Fund, one of CORE’s most involved donors, the CORE scholars were presented with the opportunity to plan a gratitude service project that could take the place of some of our group volunteer opportunities that had been cancelled in the Spring. The Tomchin Fund donated $2,000.00 with the directive that the scholars determine how best to use it to benefit community members who had been most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. 

 Through CORE’s online Google Classroom platform, students contributed ideas and brainstormed different groups that they might be interested in honoring with the project.  Many of the students suggested nurses or healthcare workers, and some students focused specifically on the team of nurses serving our community over at UMC. When put to a vote, the scholars overwhelmingly selected to show appreciation and gratitude to the UMC nurse team.

 Last Friday, June 12th, CORE scholars put their plan into action at UMC and helped to prepare and distribute hundreds of beverages. Our team was able to pull off this tall order through our partnership with Grouchy John’s Coffee, a supportive community partner who is helping us with our upcoming “Latte & Learn” educational event series.  Working together, we were able to give 600 UMC nurses, medical staff, and essential workers a small token of our gratitude as they went about their day doing the essential work they carry out for our community.

 CORE is incredibly thankful to The Tomchin Fund, Grouchy John’s, and UMC for this opportunity to put the Scholars in the driver’s seat of planning and developing a community service project that can give back to our community, while encouraging all of us to continue thinking about how we can show gratitude and support in times of need.