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Written By Lizbeth

Every living person in the world has a challenge to face. We as human beings don’t have a choice to avoid those obstacles. Even though we have these challenges in life, at the end we just face the challenge without even knowing. When I was 6 ½ years old, my dad made me try the sport soccer. At first, I didn’t know what I was expected to do, because I didn’t know what soccer was. Over time my dad pushed me to practice hard and watch other soccer players to see how they communicate with one another. I knew my dad expected a lot from me. His expectations were to work hard, control the ball, focus, score, pass the ball, and just run (not walk). One of the most inspirational quotes he said to me was, “Just try your best.” Whenever my dad feels that I didn’t work hard enough in a game, he won’t take me to my future soccer games. I know I have to work myself harder in practice in order for him to take me to the next game. I am really glad that my dad got me into soccer because I know I am making him proud.

I have been playing soccer for over 10 years and been on 6 different teams. I have attended Core Academy since 6th grade. In 6th grade Core Academy gave me a mentor named Ms. Amy Hunter. On the first day we met I told her about my love for soccer. This summer in August she signed me up for FCBESCOLA Soccer Camp, where I trained with the Barcelona team. My dad is really proud of me that I received the opportunity to go to the camp just because of my hard work in school and on the field. I hope to earn more of these opportunities in the future by my dedication in my studies and my passion for soccer.