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Cooking Up My Dreams

Written By Jordy

My name is Jordy and I am one of those people that are funny. I want to cook because that’s all I did and many people say that I can’t do these things; I’m not any good. I cooked at home and I cook the best food in my family. My dad taught me what he knows of cooking and I want Chef to teach me more about food. For me, food is life and my dream is to know how to cook all the foods of the world and I want that dream to come true. I needed Chef’s help to to make my dreams true.

Well my life was hard for me and that I didn’t know how to cook and I’m not so good at following the directions. One day my parents said that if I didn’t finish my food I would have to cook my own food tomorrow. Then I thought to myself why not cook food for myself? Then maybe I can cook for others and make them happy. 

So I looked up food to cook like fish and ham. Then I went to the store and I bought the thing I need to cook. I cooked the fish and my brother ask me “what are you cooking”,  and I said “I’m cooking food” then my brother said “Don’t burn the house down HA!”. My brother always made fun of me and then within 1 hour the house smelled amazing and then my brother kept on asking me to give him some and that day was the best day of my life. To this day my brother helps me cook food for everyone and I want to keep cooking because cooking is life.

I have to work with my mom in the kitchen and one of my parents friends ask me if I want to cook in there shop and I said “yes”. That day was good and I said that they don’t need to pay me, I just want to cook for fun and I get along with everybody. I want to cook for fun and cooking is the best thing that happened to me and in my life has been good. I’m still working my hardest to become a chef and I want to become  the head chef and have my own restaurants, too.

The end of the story but not the end of my life and my dream.