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Finding My Way Forward

Written By Flor

To me life isn’t about just going to school, coming home, and going back to sleep. It’s about living, it’s about finding the feeling of it, and finding the purpose of it. When I was younger, before starting what is now Core, I didn’t think I’d go to college. I didn’t think I would even get through high school, but my mom always encouraged me to “try my best” to “become the successful person I was born to be.” Of course as a young upcoming teen, I paid no attention whatsoever to what these words of encouragement were. I didn’t believe I could become the young women my mother wanted me to be, or so I thought. Now, I wake in the mornings ready to take on the day.

I’ll admit, I’ve grown a lot over the years since I started Core. I wake up with my dream to work in the medical field, in forensics. I wake up everyday to come to school, to learn, and to flourish like I have from the past. I look forward to going into my chemistry class, from learning about reactions and products to balancing equations and using chemicals, it’s what makes my adrenaline pump through my veins. I look forward to going to my English class as well. I have great peers that help me when it’s needed and I’ll admit, I’m not good at everything I do, but I’m thankful to have the friends and the peers I have that help me get through the obstacles of everyday life. I believe I’m a good writer and I personally feel that I’ve come a long way in all classes, but mainly in English. Today we started looking deeper into Shakespeare and I honestly couldn’t keep track of all the thoughts going on in my head with each word spoken by my teacher in class. I see now that there is more meaning behind just the beauty and the brutality of words. Shakespeare is just one of the many examples that prove how powerful words are.

I also wake up every day to see my family. Although we might not be the happiest of people, they are my family and I wouldn’t trade them for any other. My mother is a single mother and I’ve learned that life can be obnoxious, it can trip us, beat us, and push us to the ground every single day, but all we have to do is get back up and keep going, no matter how hard it gets. My mom shows me that there is and always will be a way through hard times. My brother is a special kid. He’s autistic and absolutely brilliant. I’m honestly proud to say he’s my brother, he’s my blood. He’s worked so hard to become the young man he is today that I’m sure one day he’ll make the world as proud as he makes me. Sure, there are times where he can’t do things and he needs help. He’s younger than me but even so, he’s taught me lessons as well. He’s taught me that practice really does help (you don’t know how long he’s stayed up to do mathematics). I don’t usually tell him I love him, but I do and if he ever sees this, I hope he knows I’ll always be here for him. He’s my little brother and he’ll always be my family. My sister, a bundle of joy, is only a year old and she’s the joy of my life. I love seeing her grow and laugh and smile. She’s taught me to take a major step in responsibility. Sure she’s not my child, but she is my sister. I hope she grows to be what she wants. It doesn’t matter what anyone else wants out of her life, I hope she’s satisfied with what she does. My father was around to see me grow, then he went to jail, but I talk with him all the time. He tells me to not make the mistake of taking the easy way, even if at some points it may seem hard to keep going, I have to for my own good.

But my family is not the only reason I wake up ready to go. I love looking forward to coming to see my family here at Core. They are not my biological family, but figuratively, they’ll always be my family.