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CORE is not a one-size-fits-all after school program. It’s designed to be whatever Scholars and families need to succeed!

About CORE

Our WHY:

Our mission centers around the belief that the most powerful way to ensure economic mobility and equity is to invest in children and their families over a long-term period of time and with a holistic approach. From two-generational programming to social-emotional learning, we are building a community of support to ensure the historically underserved students we work alongside can pursue choice-filled lives.

WHO is a CORE Scholar?

CORE is designed for students who need additional support in achieving year-to-year success that keeps them on track for high school graduation and career attainment. Students who could use long-term support and guidance with school engagement may be a good fit for our program. CORE is focused on serving both students AND their families, so our application process includes a home visit to discuss the commitments and needs of each family. Each and every CORE Scholar is different, with different needs, and we work to tailor our program to support the individual needs and goals of each Scholar.


CORE is NOT a tutoring program. We believe that educators are the experts in their subject area, and that they have the training and knowledge for best supporting the academic growth of their students. However, we also recognize that educators and schools too often are expected to go above and beyond their traditional roles and meet all of the physical and emotional needs of their students. CORE is designed to provide the comprehensive wrap-around support, social work case-management, and social-emotional development that allows whole students to walk into their classroom every day, ready to achieve their best. This means that educators can focus on teaching and students are prepared to learn.

HOW can a student join CORE?

CORE is a long-term program. We recognize that it takes an investment of time to build effective relationships with students and families that can create meaningful change. This is the philosophy behind CORE’s long-term focus as a program. We onboard “Scholars” in 6th and 7th grade for 7 years of programming that lasts until high school graduation, or in 9th grade for a targeted 4-year program designed to last for the duration of high school. Upon graduation, all Scholars join the Alumni Network.