The Core of Our Model

Academic Engagement

We strive to nurture the next generation of innovative, out-of-the-box thinkers, by presenting our curriculum in a variety of unique ways. We provide space, guidance and one-on-one support for each Scholar to be able to uncover their own passion for learning. Core uses the unique teaching method, 4 C’s of Learning in the 21st Century, to promote Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity and Innovation.

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Cultural Enrichment

A very important component to rounding out our model is regularly immersing our Scholars in culturally-enriching activities locally and out-of-state. According to a report published by Child Trends Data Bank, researchers have found a positive association between arts participation and a number of desirable academic and social outcomes, such as school grades, test scores, enrollment in post-secondary education, attainment of a bachelor’s degree, and higher levels of literacy and civic engagement.

Character Education

Core believes that having a Growth Mindset and strong foundation of self, grounded in confidence, integrity, respect and worth, are necessary to achieve success. Our Scholars participate in an extensive character education curriculum professionally designed to help them build these powerful character traits. Through one-on-one guidance, they learn how to conduct their lives in-and-out of school, with positivity, curiosity, purpose, gratitude, grit, optimism, self-control, and social and emotional intelligence.

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Community Service

We believe that the best path to a higher sense of purpose and gratitude begins with serving others. At Core, every Scholar understands the importance and the opportunity of giving back to the very community that supports them. Each month, Scholars work together to identify, plan and execute community service projects rooted in their own passions and interests. Volunteering at the animal shelter or food bank, serving dinner at the rescue mission or assisting local charities, our Scholars are on a mission to inspire others to Do Good Things.


At Core, our mentoring programs – Individual, Group, and Project-Based – are an essential and necessary component to our program, and even more importantly, to our Scholars’ short-and long-term success. Our committed and dedicated mentors, all of whom are well respected and high achieving members of our community, help our Scholars navigate the many obstacles that may deter them from reaching their goals. Our volunteer mentors are the foundational piece of our successful mentoring program.

Basic Needs

As a result of our proven approach to building one-on-one relationships with our Scholars, we are able to quickly identify their basic daily needs, as well as their social-emotional needs, of which both are essential considerations in working to clear a Scholar’s path to success. We work with Core designated community businesses and organizations that align with our Mission, and can help fulfill basic daily needs such as food, clothing, school items, access to health care, in addition to the social-emotional needs of our Scholars both at school and at home.