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Together, we can do good things.

Core’s collective impact model is based on the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” We cannot uplift under-resourced children alone. It takes a strong ecosystem of donors, volunteers, community leaders, and qualified staff to deliver on Core’s mission to educate, empower, and enrich our community’s most under resourced youth and to #DOGOODTHINGS.


Advocacy is a great way to help us effectively communicate our mission, raise funding, and make a huge impact on both our community and the lives of the students in our program. Share our mission or one of our social media posts with your followers, attend a Core event, come for a tour, talk to your friends and families about how poverty, inequity, and injustice affects us all.


At Core, we have a variety of mentoring opportunities with different levels of time commitments:

Individual Mentor An individual mentor can be paired with a scholar one-on-one for a minimum of two years to develop trust and mutual investment. A mentor and mentee can work together to build academic accountability, character, and life skills, as well as explore new areas of thought, knowledge, and opportunity.

Group Mentor A group mentor meets with a larger group of scholars for a set period of time. Group mentors work with their group collaboratively to set specific goals, decide what actions must be taken to reach those goals, and guide their scholars to make good decisions and achieve their objectives.

Career We Can

Open your organization’s office for a day to host high school students from Core, powered by The Rogers Foundation! Give our Scholars the opportunity to explore potential career fields, meet industry professionals, and open doors to new possibilities. As a Career We Can partner, you can:

  • Give a guided tour of your company or organization
  • Hold an employee panel discussion to share perspectives and work experiences
  • Coordinate job shadowing opportunities for an in-depth look into different positions
  • Bring your own ideas to the table!

Curious to learn more? For questions or copies of our Mentoring Handbook or Career We Can Partner Guide, please contact our Program Manager, Melvin King, by email.


There are many great ways to make a lasting impact on our Core Scholars and their families. You could become a mentor or guest speaker, chaperone a community service project, or lend a hand with clothing and food drives. For more information, please complete our Contact Us form and our staff will contact you first chance.


Core actively fundraises to cover the cost of programming and services for our Scholars and their families. We receive funding from The Rogers Foundation to cover costs associated with fundraising and management through a long-term, generous commitment so that a majority of your donation will go towards our Scholars and their families. Your donation allows Core to provide the services and opportunities needed to interrupt the cycle of poverty and ensure equity for those we serve. If you would like to give toward a specific need you’ll find a wish list of much needed items on this page, or you can make a monetary contribution now through our Donate page.

Wish List

  • Snacks
  • School Supplies
  • Gift Cards
  • Chess Sets
  • ACT Prep Books
  • Gently Used & New Clothing (business & casual)
  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Apple iPads
  • Monthly Birthday treats

These items can be dropped off at our offices or shipped directly to us through online retailers.

Additional Types of Support We Welcome:

  • Community Partners
  • In-Kind Donations
  • Core Board of Trustees Member
  • Scholar Advocate Committee Member

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