Our mission centers around the belief that the most powerful way to ensure economic mobility and equity is to invest in children and their families over a long-term period of time and with a holistic approach. From two-generational programming to social-emotional learning, we’re building an infrastructure for success to ensure that historically underserved students can pursue choice-filled lives.


The Who, How, and Why of Our CORE Model:


Scholars actively advocate for themselves to build strong support networks, develop leadership skills and positive character traits all while giving back to their community.


Scholars engage directly with community partners in the arts and health & wellness industries to explore their creativity and maintain their focus and growth mindset.


Scholars work with Core Academic Advisors and industry leaders in our community to develop the skill sets necessary to define  and achieve their life goals.


2021 Year In Review

We are growing our CORE Community and building an infrastructure for success for Scholars and families. Read CORE's 2021 Annual Overview to see what we have achieved together and where we're headed next.


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We believe in equity for all.

CORE defines equity as each of us getting what we need to survive and succeed – access to opportunity, networks, resources, and support – based on where we are and where we want to go. Equity is the key that allows each of us to unlock our full potential. 

We commit to affirming and celebrating racial, ethnic, gender, age, class, spiritual, national, regional, and personal identities within our organization and in the communities that we work with as a way to achieve equity. We build relationships with everyone in a way that empowers their voice, honors their values, and celebrates their strengths. 

We commit to working toward our mission in a way that centers social justice and equity at all levels of our work. We are accountable to upholding this belief in how we practice our values, and ensuring that it is reflected throughout CORE’s staff and board, and our operations and governance. We know that this is a work in progress and we as an organization commit ourselves to this ongoing work.

100% + Graduation Rate

CORE is building a community of success one family at a time:

Scholars & family members served & counting

Theory of Change

What is a “Theory of Change”? Essentially it provides an illustration of how and why a desired change can be expected to happen. In this Theory of Change model you can see how our stakeholders, inputs, and outputs lead to meaningful outcomes that grow from our work to educate, enrich, and empower CORE Scholars and families.

Meet Some of Our Team

We are a team of kid-advocates, driven to create change and build an infrastructure for success to meet the needs of Southern Nevada’s students. Each of us has our own “why” and approach to our work – take some time to meet the team! 

Lindsay Harper

Lindsay Harper


Renisha O’Donnell


Barbara Molasky


Jeff Jones

Executive Director


2022 Year in Review is Here!

We are growing our CORE Community and building an infrastructure for success for Scholars and families. Read CORE’s 2022 Annual Overview to see what we have achieved together and where we’re headed next.