Core believes all children and families have the right to reach their full potential and pursue individual success. Our mission is to empower, enrich, and educate underserved children to lead choice filled lives.

Our process begins very early.

Core is a long-term, two generational, holistic, and collective impact model serving under-resourced students (“Scholars”). Scholars are accepted into Core starting in 6th grade after a home visit and parent interview. From 6th grade through 12th grade Scholars participate in afterschool and weekend programming; concurrently, their families work with Core staff to develop support networks, continue their own education, and develop the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace. After graduation, Scholars are engaged with Core through our Alumni Network to ensure that they stay on track and continue to reach for their potential. 

Core’s programming focuses on the individual needs of each Scholar and their family. For the families the goal is to create stability in the home and to provide a pathway to better jobs and education. Meanwhile, we work with each Scholar on developing stronger character, aligning their strengths with career and college opportunities, and providing the experiences and tools needed to lead choice filled lives in and out of school. 


Scholars actively advocate for themselves to build strong support networks, develop leadership skills and positive character traits all while giving back to their community.


Scholars engage directly with community partners in the arts and health & wellness industries to explore their creativity and maintain their focus and growth mindset.


Scholars work with Core Academic Advisors and industry leaders in our community to develop the skill sets necessary to define  and achieve their life goals.


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We believe in equity for all.

Core defines equity as each of us getting what we need to survive and succeed – access to opportunity, networks, resources, and support – based on where we are and where we want to go. Simply put, think of equity as each of us reaching our full potential. 

We commit to affirming and celebrating racial, ethnic, gender, age, class, spiritual, national, regional, and personal identities within our organization and in the communities that we work with as a way to achieve equity. We do this as a way to dismantle the systemic injustices that oppresses so many. We build relationships with everyone in a way that empowers their voice, honors their values, and utilizes their strengths. 

To achieve our mission we commit to continually working toward these goals in the areas of social justice and equity at all levels of our work. We aim to uphold this belief in how we practice our values and should also be reflected in Core’s staff and board, and in our operations and governance. We know that this is a work in progress and we as an organization commit ourselves to this work.

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We are a team of eclectic, driven-to-the-core, quirky, vinyl-collecting, dog-loving, kind souls who believe in living by example. We will forever do whatever it takes to make this community – and this world – the best it can be. Below are just a few of the friendly faces you can expect to meet.

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Lindsay Harper


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