Career We Can

Career We Can:

Career We Can is CORE’s exploration and pathways program.  Launched in 2018, Career We Can has ignited passion for career fields, given many opportunities for internships, and provided life preparedness that allows our scholars to achieve their dreams.  We are relaunching Career We Can in 2023, and welcoming new and returning Career We Can Partners. 

As a CAREER WE CAN Partner You Can

Mentor our scholars!

A Career We Can Mentor mentor meets with a group of scholars to help them explore career pathways, as well as explore new areas of thought, knowledge, and opportunity. Mentors work with their group collaboratively to set specific goals, decide what actions must be taken to reach those goals, and guide their scholars to make good decisions and achieve their objectives.

Inspire our scholars!

As a Career We Can partner, you can share your life and career journey with our Scholars as a guest speaker. Our scholars want to hear about the road you have taken that has led to you overcoming obstacles and being successful.

Host our scholars!

Career We Can partners can also open your organization’s office for a day to host high school students from Core, powered by The Rogers Foundation! Give our Scholars the opportunity to explore potential career fields, meet industry professionals, and open doors to new possibilities. As a host, you can:

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