Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Powered by The Rogers Foundation” mean?

The Rogers Foundation has committed to long-term support of CORE. They provide operational funding and support, business offices, and additional resources that meet 100% of CORE’s administrative and development costs. This means that 100% of our fundraising goes directly to building a great program and expanding both the community of families we serve and the resources available to them.

How can my child become part of the CORE Community?

To learn about joining as a CORE family, email family@corewecan.org and one of our team members will reach out.

How long does CORE work with students and families?

The typical duration of CORE’s intensive program is seven years: from 6th through 12th grade. CORE continues to support the Scholars and their families for four years beyond high school graduation through the CORE Alumni Network.

Do you work with Clark County School District?

Yes. CORE’s Memorandum of Understanding with CCSD allows us to share data, best practices, and utilize facilities.

How often does CORE “adopt” a new class of Scholars and their families into the model?

We adopt cohorts of children and their families every two years when both funding and advisor capacity are available. If you would like to learn more about funding a cohort of Scholars please email Liberty Leavitt (liberty@corewecan.org).

Does CORE provide trainings, license curriculum, or speakers for events?

If you are looking to partner with CORE or learn more about how your organization can become part of the CORE Community, please email Lindsay Harper (lindsay@corewecan.org).

Is CORE a nonprofit?

Yes! We are a certified 501(c)(3).
Our tax ID number is 45-4170296.

Where is CORE located?

Our current cohort of Scholars meet at West Preparatory Academy. Our business office address is 701 S. 9th Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101.

Does CORE programming cost anything for children and families?

No, CORE is 100% free to the children and families that we serve.

What does 2gen mean?

CORE recognizes that the success of Scholars and their families are intrinsically linked, that’s why we take a whole-family approach to kid-focused growth. Programs such as the CORE Parent Academy mean that parents and Scholars both have opportunities to learn and grow together. CORE has been designated as an official partner organization of the Ascend Network.

Does CORE pay for students to go to college?

No, we do not commit to paying for our Scholars to go to college. However, our dedicated Alumni Coordinator and the CORE Alumni Network are committed to ensuring that Scholars and their families are well prepared to apply for federal funds, scholarships, and financial support to make college accessible.
CORE’s 2023 Annual Review highlight the incredible growth we experienced this year!