CORE Our Process

Starting with the transition between elementary and middle school, then continuing through to the transition between high school graduation and young adulthood; our process is designed to support Scholars when they need us most. Each milestone paves a pathway toward choice filled lives.

CORE Theory of Change

What is a “Theory of Change”? Essentially it provides an illustration of how and why a desired change can be expected to happen. In this Theory of Change model you can see how our stakeholders, inputs, and outputs lead to meaningful outcomes that grow from our work to educate, enrich, and empower CORE Scholars and families.

Ways to Help

Health & Wellness

During the past few weeks responding to the health concerns raised by COVID-19 has become a primary focus for all members of our community. Our team has updated our operating procedures to ensure that they are well coordinated with the most up-to-date recommendations of local community partners and national health organizations.

In an effort to keep the lines of communication open and strong with our Scholars, their families, and our community, we have created the following documents to help answer questions and provide valuable resources to those in need.

Our Top 5 Partners

Community Programs

Learning Tools & Resources