Sprat workshops focus on creating dynamic intergenerational interactions, communication and new experiences, providing mental, physical and social benefits to our Scholars and senior citizens in the community through creative expression. Using the main tenants of Connection, Sharing, and Creation, Las Vegas-based teaching artists work with local seniors and the Scholars to facilitate special workshops on topics including poetry, storytelling, theater, movement, painting, portraiture, sculpting, collage and more. Scholars and staff facilitate artistic workshops for senior citizens, some of whom suffer from brain and memory impairments. Seniors benefit from creative work designed to engage participants both mentally and physically, at their own respective ability levels. Scholars benefit by learning tools for respectful, helpful interaction with older adults; gaining empathy for other disadvantaged persons; understanding the aging process; and satisfying core components of their school and after-school education models.

CORE’s 2023 Annual Review highlight the incredible growth we experienced this year!