What Are Nevada’s Challenges to Equity In Education?

What Are Nevada’s Challenges to Equity In Education?

Equity in education is important nationwide. But here in Nevada, we have some unique challenges to equity in education that CORE works daily to meet to create an inclusive path for every Scholar and their family to succeed. Here are a few of the most prominent ones:

Socioeconomic Disparities — Without a doubt, this leads the list. The state has areas with high poverty rates, leading to students facing economic hardships. Schools in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods struggle to provide essential resources, impacting the quality of education and perpetuating the cycle of poverty. CORE’s two-generational programming works with families to find true economic mobility. 

Unequal Resource Distribution —Disparities in funding, teacher quality, and infrastructure create stark differences in educational experiences across the state. This is especially prevalent when schools in low-income urban areas may lack access to updated textbooks, technology, and extracurricular activities, hindering students’ overall development. CORE has sponsors who donate both traditional and technology for our Scholars’ use to level the playing field.

English Language Learners (ELL) Challenges — Nevada has a significant population of English Language Learners, for both students and their families. ELL students may face language barriers, limited access to language support services, and cultural disconnects that impact their academic success. Our Parent Academy connects families and Scholars with resources to overcome these barriers. 

Racial and Ethnic Disparities — Historical factors, cultural differences, and insufficient resources contribute to lower educational outcomes among minority students. CORE is always committed to cultural competency and meeting Scholars where they are and providing what they need.
CORE works with each of our schools, Scholars and their families on multiple facets of these issues. We collaborate with other community resources, policymakers and businesses to find solutions to these challenges. By embracing how important each of these issues is in a Scholar’s education, together we work towards providing every student with an equal opportunity to succeed in their educational journey.

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